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Raditrim™ Screens

Efficient knot washing for unbleached chemical
pulp applications and systems, and fiber recovery
for fine screening applications and systems.

Raditrim™ Screens

The Raditrim-K is a secondary knotter screen that is a totally enclosed high-capacity screen for efficient knot washing with excellent fiber recovery at low power consumption. Adjustable dilution ensures optimal washing efficiency while the knots are moved to the reject chute. An intermittent junk trap at the bottom collects and removes items such as gravel and other debris.

The Raditrim-F tailing fine screen features a unique conical screen drum and rotor providing excellent fiber recovery at high operational reliability. Adjustable dilution ensures optimal washing efficiency for each section of the screen drum whilst the shives are continuously moved upwards towards the reject chute for further processing or discharge.

Raditrim™ Screens

Features & Benefits

  • Easy reject handling with less energy requirements

  • Low maintenance cost

  • High operation reliability at low energy consumption

  • Efficient knot/shive washing for considerable savings

  • Robust and optimized design

  • Smooth performance

  • High functionality and maximum uptime

  • High reject consistency

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