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Kadant Lamort SAS

Vitry, France
Kadant Lamort SAS, based in Vitry-le-François, France, is a leading fiber processing and recycling equipment supplier that designs and manufactures equipment used in virgin and recycled paper stock preparation, water management, reject valorization, and microfibrils of cellulose.

Kadant Lamort’s technology center features a modern lab and pilot facilities. Our technology expertise is in fiber processing, recycling, and other various kinds of recycling papers, broke processing, water management, and reject valorization. Trials are tailored to the mill's specific needs and run on industrial-sized equipment in a pilot plant environment. More than 2,000 trials have been performed. Expertise in evaluation of raw material potentials and in recyclability tests are proposed. A pilot plant producing MFC as well as a fine spray coating robot are operating in the Technology Center, allowing us to study barrier properties and benefits of MFC in paper making and biomaterials.

Kadant Lamort SAS

Kadant Lamort SAS
39, rue de la Fontaine Ludot, C.S. 30046
Vitry-le-Francois cedex, 51302
Phone: +33-3-26-74-80-80

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