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Pulp Washing



The Kadant Black Clawson Chemi-Washer is a performance-proven pulp washer featuring multi-stage displacement washing in one machine. With a 1.0 dilution factor, no other pulp washer effectively uses less wash water than the Chemi-Washer. It delivers the highest chemical recovery efficiency, the highest COD removal, and the highest total dissolved solids removal on brown grade pulps at lower dilution factors. The Chemi-Washer uses a vacuum fan to generate vacuum differential across the mat to aid in washing, so it does not require a 33+ foot long barometric leg, thereby reducing installation cost. With installations worldwide, the Chemi-Washer delivers outstanding results on applications ranging from hardwood Kraft to softwood sulfite.


  • Remotely operated – No on-site operator required.
  • No pick-up vacuum required – Pulp mat forms by flowing over the moving wire without the need for pressure or vacuum.
  • Low installation cost – No separate tanks, piping, or foundations needed. The self-contained Chemi-Washer requires only one foundation and one filtrate tank.
  • Low-level installation  No barometric drop leg is needed; vacuum is provided by a simple direct drive fan.


  • Multi-stage washing in one machine – Depending on the application, the Chemi-Washer can have up to ten cascading washing stages on a single machine.
  • Low 1.0 dilution factor – Uses less wash water to produce higher dissolved solids for substantial steam cost savings in the evaporation plant.
  • High-efficiency washing – Multi-stage displacement washing provides the highest efficiency in the industry.

  • Low vacuum – Minimum vacuum produces the least amount of fabric drag, long wire life, and reduced power consumption.


  • Hardwood Kraft and Sulfite Pulp
  • Softwood Kraft and Sulfite Pulp
  • Semi-Chemical and Dissolving Pulp
  • Post Oxygen, Chlorine Dioxide, and Caustic Extraction Washing
  • Non-wood Furnishes

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