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Heat Transfer

Drawing on its Goslin product legacy and 125 years of design/build experience, Kadant provides comprehensive cost-effective solutions for energy-efficient operation of your recovery systems. Our expertise enables improved production of liquor dry solids, elimination of water-soluble scaling – thus increased availability – and high-quality condensate recovery. Additionally, Kadant offers an experienced field service team to support your annual outages, mechanical repairs, process audits, and upgrade definitions and to insure optimum performance of the evaporation plant and its associated processes.

Falling Film Evaporators

Kadant evaporators are perfectly suited for liquor concentrations below first critical solids (between 45-55%TS) and are specifically designed to reduce foaming. They offer high turndown capabilities which provide operating flexibility and feature efficient condensate segregation through special baffling and our unique cross-flow, shell-side design.
Falling Film Crystallizers

Falling Film Crystallizers

For potentially heavy scaling applications above critical solids, Kadant falling film crystallizers use high recirculation rates (for low supersaturation) and large liquor volumes (for residence time and crystal growth). This promotes the precipitation of sodium salts as crystals within the liquor, not as scale on the heat transfer surfaces. Online washing capabilities eliminate the need for concentrator boil-outs altogether.

Enhanced, Forced-Circulation Crystallizers

Another option for the processing of high solids black liquor is our enhanced, forced-circulation crystallizers which rely on increased turbulence to achieve higher heat transfer performance at reduced recirculation rates. This technology is specifically invaluable when processing liquors of an excessively high viscosity or exhibiting unusual fouling and scaling tendencies. The enhancer technology can easily retrofit onto older traditional non-enhanced crystallizers to reduce power consumption, raise the liquor dry solids content and increase time between boil-outs.
Cross-Flow™ Condensers

Cross-Flow™ Condensers

Kadant’s Cross-Flow condenser design provides a unique vapor flow pattern across the tube bundle to minimize overall pressure drop – much lower than in conventional serpentine designs – while allowing optimum NCG removal at reduced vapor losses. In addition, the Cross-Flow design provides for optimum methanol and foul condensate collection and the opportunity for increased collection flexibility during under-loaded conditions.

Solutions support

Our technical service and support teams are ready. We provide guidance in the planning, design, engineering, installation, start-up, and ongoing support of your systems.

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