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Kadant innovations have increased the efficiency and mechanical reliability of traditional recausticizing equipment utilizing the latest technologies to improve clarification, filtration, heating, cooling, and grit management. These cost-saving advancements can retrofit to existing equipment to increase production, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and meet environmental regulations.

Green Liquor Clarifier UFD™ Feedwell and ULR™ Bustle Pipe System

Green Liquor Clarifier UFD™ Feedwell and ULR™ Bustle Pipe System

Kadant’s Uniform Flow Design (UFD) Feedwell & Uniform Liquor Removal (ULR) Bustle Pipe clarifier system produce ultra-clean green liquor using low cost sedimentation technology. Our UFD-ULR technology can be retro-fitted to existing clarifiers or installed in new clarifiers. Our clarifier system reduces the dregs dead load in the liquor and mud circuits to improve efficiency and save energy.
Dregs Precoat Filter (DPF)

Dregs Precoat Filter (DPF)

Kadant’s high efficiency Dregs Precoat Filter (DPF) recovers green liquor from the Green Liquor Clarifier underflow stream and produces a dry, low-pH cake that is environmentally non-hazardous for landfilling. High capacity coupled with high chemical recovery results in significant cost-to-own savings. Kadant’s DPF, with its blow-off technology and robust design, minimizes unplanned downtime.

Green Liquor Flash Cooler

A compact, integrated solution to the conflicting requirements of the recausticizing process – producing a white liquor slurry that is as hot as possible for better mud separation in the clarifier and to prevent boiling in the slaker. Our flash-cooling technology eliminates all indirect heat exchange surfaces between cold water and green liquor, eliminating the risk for hard, unwanted Pirssonite deposits and the resulting frequent outages for hydro-blasting. Flashed vapors are condensed, and the condensate returned to the flash chamber so the now-cooled green liquor exits the system at the same strength as it came in.



Kadant’s low-shear agitation slaker design results in higher causticizing efficiency, larger lime mud particles, lower power consumption, and less mechanical wear. Kadant’s slaker system has been optimized to efficiently slake lime and control grit. Kadant offers lime feeders and scrubbers to help control dust and steam emissions from the slaking process.


Kadant’s causticizer system is designed to maximize retention and reaction time for white liquor slurries. Kadant’s low shear agitation results in less power consumption and less mechanical wear on agitators. New multi-compartment causticizers or additional single compartment causticizers can be designed to increase causticizing efficiency.

High Capacity White Liquor Clarifiers/Lime Mud Washers

High Capacity White Liquor Clarifiers/Lime Mud Washers

Kadant high capacity clarifiers utilize heavy duty raking components resulting in high underflow solids and reduced chemical deadload. Kadant's Uniform Flow Design™ (UFD) Feedwell and Uniform Liquor Removal™ (ULR) Bustle Pipe clarifier system produce ultra-clean white liquor or weak wash, using low cost sedimentation technology. Our UFD-ULR technology can be retrofitted to existing clarifiers or installed in new clarifiers.

Lime Mud Precoat Filters (LMPF)

Kadant’s Heavy Duty Lime Mud Precoat Filter design results in high hydraulic capacity, increased cake discharge solids, and maximum uptime due to superior mechanical strength. The Kadant LMPF produces high-solids lime mud to reduce kiln fuel consumption and low residual soda content to reduce ringing and balling in the kiln.

Precoat Renewal Systems (PRS)

The Precoat Renewal System (PRS) improves lime mud precoat filter performance by producing a steady state, continuous feed to the kiln that can last for days, if not weeks at a time, thereby enhancing kiln stability. A stable kiln operation leads to improved fuel efficiency and less rings/balls/slabs. Kiln production is increased equivalent to the length of the filter backwash cycle since the backwash cycle is essentially eliminated. The PRS is capable of rapid precoat renewal, requires minimal maintenance, and can be retrofitted on essentially any style lime mud precoat filter.


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