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Slotted Drum Screen

The next generation of reject handling, ideal for removing rejects anywhere a low attrition tailing screen is needed.

Slotted Drum Screen
The slotted drum screen is a non-vibrating, low attrition, tailing screen that removes debris normally found in the coarse screening loop of most fiber recycling mills. The slotted drum screen consists of a slowly rotating slotted wire cylinder with a baffle screw. The concentrated reject slurry enters the center inlet of the drum screen. The loose fiber is then washed through the cylinder and removed, while washed rejects proceed for removal from system process.
Slotted Drum Screen
Slotted Drum Screen

Low horsepower requirements maximize efficiency and keep cost down

The slotted drum screen rejects more contaminants with less energy than conventional solutions. It also excels in the removal of Styrofoam, one of the most abrasive contaminants found in recycling furnish.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in multiple size ranges for different production rates

  • Low horsepower requirements save on energy consumption

  • Extremely efficient for the removal of Styrofoam

  • Gentle on contaminants, rejects more debris with minimal containment breakdown

  • Low maintenance design with minimal moving and vibrating parts increases uptime

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