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Direct Discharge™ Disk Filter

Optimal stock thickening and water recovery.
Direct Discharge™ Disk Filter
The Direct Discharge Filter (DDDF) is a save-all, pulp thickening system for any pulp application. This unit requires very low external power and operates under a self-generated vacuum created by a gravity drop-leg and filtrate flow. It has an extremely high fiber capture rate, resulting in a very clear filtrate that can be used in clean water supply systems.
Direct Discharge™ Disk Filter
Direct Discharge™ Disk Filter

Features & Benefits

  • Produces thicker pulp mats than conventional disk filters

  • Extended vacuum drying zone maximizes water reclamation

  • In many cases, the unit can provide greater throughput than conventional filters

  • Direct discharge design allows for thicker pulp mats to enter the stock chute unimpeded and without damaging build-up

  • Optimized to the smallest possible footprint for more flexibility

  • Adjustable bridges in the filtrate valve fine tune clear and cloudy filtrate collection

  • Durable disk sections feature rapid release dismounts and are easily replaceable

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