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Float Purger™ Stock Cleaning System

Coarse stock cleaning of low-density debris with fiber free rejects.

Float Purger™ Stock Cleaning System

The Float Purger system is a vertical pressurized machine which performs three main functions to treat coarse screen rejects through a continuous pulping system. First, the bottom rotor creates a strong vortex forcing light contaminants to the center of the air core while the reverse dish at the top ensures contaminants are removed at the lowest pressure point. Second, a defibering action occurs between the bottom rotor and the extraction plate. The accepted pulp usually is returned to the pulper. Lastly, centrifugal force pushes heavy contaminants into a tapered reject channel around the periphery of the extraction plate. The system offers reliable operation with excellent rejects removal, creating high quality accepts as a result.

Float Purger™ Stock Cleaning System
Float Purger™ Stock Cleaning System

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient, applying power only where required

  • Reduced contaminant build-up for increased productivity

  • Traps heavy debris for periodic or continuous removal of rejects that are virtually fiber free

  • Built tough to withstand high volumes of debris

  • Optimally designed with very few moving parts

  • High removal of light contaminants such as plastics, polystyrene, and Styrofoam®

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