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Quad Hydradisc III Refiner

Maximized fibrillation with top performance, high efficiency, and precise control

Twin Hydradisc® Refiner

The Kadant Quad Hydradisc III refiner was specifically developed for the production of pulp requiring the highest degree of refinement. It can be employed in a wide range of applications, across an array of fiber processing - pulp and paper, industrial, and agricultural.

The Hydradisc’s innovative quad blade system reduces processing time and energy cost while it’s fully automatic, auto-adaptive PLC system delivers precise multi-disc gap control for a smooth, safe, and precise operation. It provides the distortion-free stability and control needed to meet the highest refinement demands and is uniquely designed to provide uniform alignment with process variance. Rugged construction and low-maintenance design provides a low cost of ownership and increased operating flexibility and control.

Quad Hydradisc III Refiner
Quad Hydradisc III Refiner

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate and precise gap control

  • Adjustable refining levels

  • Precise control of fibrillation and fiber cutting level

  • Processes a wide variety of furnish: white or brown grade, short or long fiber, recycled or virgin pulp

  • Tailored made plates provide multiple patterns to suit specific stock requirements

  • Energy saving, low production cost

  • Reduced specific energy consumption compared to other solutions

  • Low specific energy consumption to produce MFC and other highly refined pulp

  • Field-proven design and construction

  • Safe easy-access plate adjustment control

  • Over pressurization protection

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