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Hydrapurge™ Detrashing Systems

This rugged detrasher minimizes fiber loss and protects your system against damage and wear.

Hydrapurge™ Detrashing Systems
The Hydrapurge Detrashing System works in conjunction with the Trashwell to remove plastics, Styrofoam and other lightweight contaminants (as well as heavy debris) from the wastepaper pulper. Contaminants are removed before they reach the extraction bedplate, preventing unwanted production loss, power usage, cleanout downtime, and system wear.
Hydrapurge™ Detrashing Systems
Hydrapurge™ Detrashing Systems

Maximize fiber yield and increase pulper throughput

The Hydrapurge prevents the build up of heavy and lightweight contaminants and is the proven low-attrition means of optimizing waste furnish pulper operations. All cycle phases can be sequenced and timed with a programmable controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily removes large volumes of both heavy and light contaminants

  • Keeps pulper clean; decreasing or eliminating cleanout downtime

  • Removes plastic contaminants in large pieces with little degradation

  • Protection against damage and wear, while easing burden of downstream equipment

  • Reversible extraction plate for extended use and cost savings

  • Unique Kadant Maximizer Bedplate provides improved yield and high defibering levels

  • Simple control and operation with safe and easy service access

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