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XX-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner

Provides stable rotation pressure and minimum flow disruption to concentrate and remove light contaminants.

XX-Clone Through-Flow Cleaner
The XX-Clone Through-Flow Cleaner removes wax, Styrofoam®, hot melt adhesives, and other material with a specific gravity less than water. It has been engineered for optimum efficiency under flow conditions of high concentration and low consistency, resulting in excellent contaminant removal. The XX-Clone is designed to operate as a secondary cleaner to the primary XTREME Reverse Cleaner.
XX-Clone Through-Flow Cleaner
XX-Clone Through-Flow Cleaner

Efficiency Through Stability

The XX-Clone employs centrifugal force to concentrate light contaminants for separation from pulp slurry. Pressure generated through our patented inlet maintains rotational stability, assuring high centrifugal forces for maximum contaminant removal. Additionally, because energy for the separation comes only from the feed pump, there are no moving parts in the cleaners themselves.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved through-flow design maximizes contaminant removal

  • Patented design prohibits mixing at inlet and assures stable fluid rotation

  • Low feed consistency promotes better collection and contaminant removal

  • Low percentage reject rate by weight increases system yield and reduces investment

  • Low percentage reject rate by volume allows for smaller clarifier, increases savings

  • Easily retrofitted onto existing X-Clone manifolds and frames

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