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STR Valves

Severe-duty valve for cleaning and detrashing applications.

STR Valves

The STR valve is severe-duty stainless steel knife gate valve for use in high and medium density cleaning systems. Its rugged construction ensures reliable removal of high concentration contaminants such as glass, sand, staples, nuts, bolts, and other hard debris. The valve’s wide, square seat relief and channel cut-outs allow rejects to fall free or be easily cleared by the gate blade - assuring minimal wear, reduced blockage, maximum flow, and valve reliability. Created specifically to operate in conjunction with our STR Reject Chambers and available in two corresponding sizes.

STR Valves

Features & Benefits

  • Enables constant and continuous output of either reject material or defibered accept pulp

  • Resistant to heat and high-viscosity black liquor found in pulp mill applications

  • Reliable service components with extended life operating cycles

  • Auxiliary threaded mounting support points provided

  • Unique rectangular relief platform expels debris with minimal blockage and wear

  • Valve locking pins for safe lock out / tag out

  • Simplified valves for minimum maintenance

  • Knife gate and cylinder assembly designed for easy maintenance

  • Reduces water and fiber loss during debris discharge

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