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STR Reject Chambers

Containing and controlling discharge of heavy debris.

STR Reject Chambers
STR Reject Chambers provide wear-resistant containment of high concentration heavy debris during stock cleaning applications. The unique chamber contours disrupt the cleaner vortex, settling debris more quickly and efficiently. Each chamber features two elutriation ports and a visual observation sight glass to optimize performance and reduce maintenance demands. Created specifically to operate in conjunction with our STR Valves for the Liquid Cyclone™ Cleaner and available in two corresponding sizes.
STR Reject Chambers

Features & Benefits

  • Durable cast iron unit contains heavy debris and prevents related issues

  • Square chamber contours interrupt cleaning vortex to settle and segregate debris

  • Larger volume slows down operating cycle for extended product life

  • Feature-built for optimized performance, maximized flow and reduced maintenance

  • Both designs comfortably fit into existing Liquid Cyclone™ cleaner configurations

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