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SaveMaxx® Screw Compactor

An economic and low maintenance solution to dewatering plastics and other rejects.

SaveMaxx® Screw Compactor
The SaveMaxx screw compactor is designed to maximize dewatering with cost-saving efficiency, safety, and performance. Fed with rejects from coarse screening, the SaveMaxx evenly loads the screw in a centered and balanced manner resulting in higher pressure, less component wear, and better final reject dryness. The compactor features a large, conical reject chamber to prevent blockages and handle difficult debris. The rugged sure-footed base fabrication and cantilevered design provides long-lived operation and an easy access, low maintenance thickening solution.
SaveMaxx® Screw Compactor
SaveMaxx® Screw Compactor

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces the high costs of reject disposal by providing optimal dryness

  • Cantilevered design allows quick and easy assembly and maintenance

  • Large, conical debris passage easily handles coarse rejects

  • Sturdy base fabrication and oversize tie-bars

  • Intermediate belt drive protects gears, screw, and screens from large debris blockages

  • Variable speed drive allows for simple, quick, and accurate speed changes

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