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V-MAX™ Screen Cylinder

Increased capacity and reliably accurate high performance.

V-MAX™ Screen Cylinder

The V-MAX screen cylinder is designed to achieve maximum flow, screening efficiency, and strength in all slotted screening applications. The strength of the V-MAX eliminates breakage common to standard wire cylinders. Large debris are easily handled due to rugged durability and can operate with any style rotor. The unique V-shaped construction consists of a patented triangle structured frame that provides superior strength and wear resistance to the frame. The patented wedgewire Posi-Lock panel ensures slot-width control that eliminates the distortion of the slot-width caused by welding. The robust design and construction of the frame provides an extended lifetime of cost-saving rebuilds to consistent and accurate specifications.

V-MAX™ Screen Cylinder
V-MAX™ Screen Cylinder

Features & Benefits

  • Patented, rebuildable design

  • Increased energy savings

  • Wear resistant wire design and construction

  • Patented high-strength frame

  • Continuous slots

  • Increased open frame accuracy

  • Operates at rotor speeds up to 32 m/s

  • Weld-free construction

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