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Ultra-V™ Vertical Screen

The Ultra-V screen is built to bring optimum performance to your screening operation in every application.

Ultra-V™ Vertical Screen

The Ultra-V screen is designed with today’s rigid standards of efficiency, capacity, and durability in mind. Rigorous testing of all design components inspired innovation in modular body styles, rotor options, and screen cylinder contours. The rotors are powered through robust cartridge drive assembly designed for a long lifetime and easy maintenance.

Traditional top-fed screens discard lightweight contaminants at the base of the screen body forcing the debris to move in an unnatural and counterproductive direction. Heavy contaminants that pass through the screening area can cause serious, yet avoidable damage to the rotor mechanism. In contrast, the unique bottom-fed screen of the Ultra-V screen utilizes the natural upward movement of lightweight contaminants to a top reject outlet for maximum efficiency. Heavy contaminants are rejected before entering the screening area to minimalize potential damage to the rotor, screen cylinder, or the body.

Ultra-V™ Vertical Screen
Ultra-V™ Vertical Screen

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty up-flow design

  • Versatile – modular body, rotors, and cylinders for all applications

  • Performs with all screen cylinder and rotor designs

  • Maximized screening zone

  • Early and efficient debris removal protects down stream equipment

  • Low inlet pressure requirements save energy

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