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Supra™ Screen Rotor

Power-saving, high efficiency rotor for fractionation and fine screening applications

Supra Screen Rotor

The Kadant Supra is a high-capacity screen rotor for use in all recycled fiber applications. The rotor’s innovative, smooth-flow design assures maximum fiber fluidization and maintained efficiency at reduced foil speeds. Its optimized geometry maintains peak performance at lower speeds for reduced power consumption and improved stickies removal.

The Supra delivers substantial power savings and longer service life, without the loss of performance or capacity. Its patented geometry improves the flow of fiber on the cylinder surface while the foil’s leading edges direct debris expediently into the screen rejects. The result is a cleaner and more robust fiber yield.

Kadant engineers utilize detailed CFD analysis as well as rigorous field testing to get the most out of our rotor and screen performance. The Supra’s patented design controls unnecessary peak pressures at the screen slots that can extrude stickies and decrease removal efficiency. Running at lower speeds the Supra rotor maintains maximum performance while saving money and prolonging system life.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low power consumption - Operating at reduced speeds reduces power cost by up to 25%

  • Increased efficiency - Smooth-flow design maintains consistency; optimized pressure reduces sticky extrusion

  • High capacity at lower speeds - More performance with less power without the loss of capacity

  • Increased service life - Solid foils cast from robust materials; low speed operation extends rotor and cylinder life

  • Available in multiple sizes and can be used in nearly all screen models

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