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Radiscreen-M™ Machine Screen

Efficiently deflocculates the stock and removes impurities ahead of the headbox in approach flow applications and systems.

Radiscreen-M™ Machine Screen

The Radiscreen-M machine screen is virtually pulsation-free and serves as an effective deflocculation unit promoting improved formation and low MD and CD variations. This leads to enhanced sheet quality. Stable operation and high energy efficiency is achieved through the radially increasing peripheral velocity of the rotor vanes. As a result, the rotor speed can be kept low which leads to exceptionally low power consumption. The Radiscreen-M’s optimized design ensures easy access to exchangeable wear parts, which keeps downtime during maintenance to a minimum. Installing the Radiscreen-M machine screen directly coupled to the headbox leads to substantially reduced piping costs and minimizes the time for flocculation to reoccur. Designed to ensure the smallest footprint possible, the compact design of the Radiscreen-M minimizes the total investment cost considerably.

Radiscreen-M™ Machine Screen
Radiscreen-M™ Machine Screen

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized and functional design ensures low energy consumption at high operational reliability

  • Compact design with small footprint minimizes total investment cost and requires floor space

  • Durable design means low maintenance and maximum uptime

  • Effective deflocculation improves formation and product quality

  • High separation efficiency reduces contaminants in the final product

  • Smooth performance at high capacities


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