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Periscreen-M™ Machine Screen

High-capacity screening for all approach flow applications
and systems.

Periscreen-M™ Machine Screen

The Periscreen-M machine screen is optimized to maximize efficiency and flow while serving as a protection screen effectively removing remaining impurities and deflocculating the stock prior to entering the headbox.  Virtually pulsation-free, and with excellent deflocculation effect, Periscreen-M promotes good formation and low MD and CD variations. All flows through the screen are simulated using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology to optimize operating conditions. The screen combines modern design and functionality that addresses cost and performance needs. The optimized fluid dynamics of the Periscreen-M lead to stable flow and uniform impact on the screen cylinder. Specially designed rotating foils deflocculate the stock to keep the screen cylinder plug-free, promoting smooth operation at high hydraulic capacity. 

Periscreen-M™ Machine Screen
Periscreen-M™ Machine Screen

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized and functional design ensures low energy consumption at high operational reliability

  • High separation efficiency reduces contaminants in the final product

  • Stable flow conditions for high-capacity screening at maximum availability

  • Durable design means low maintenance and maximum uptime

  • Optimized process improves formation and sheet quality

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