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FibreWall™ Screen Cylinders

Reliably accurate high performance.

FibreWall™ Screen Cylinders

The FibreWall wedgewire cylinders are designed to achieve high efficiency screening of recycled, mechanical, and virgin fiber. Robust mechanical assembly and a high-precision wire positioning system are used to assure accurate wire slot width. The FibreWall is a fabricated wedgewire cylinder made without structural welding or rolling processes. Wire clamping is done mechanically, eliminating the need for welding or other damaging processes that could deform the structural integrity of the cylinder. FibreWall cylinders outperform competitive cylinders based on increased efficiency, including the reduction of deformable contaminates by two to four times of the competition.

FibreWall™ Screen Cylinders
FibreWall™ Screen Cylinders

Features & Benefits

  • High shive and stickies removal efficiency

  • Highest open area for maximized flow capacity

  • Extended operating life

  • Flexible design for coarse, fine, and approach flow screening systems

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Mechanically held wires

  • Precision built in the round

  • Applications in both outward and inward flow screens

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