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FiberNET™ Pressure Screen

Efficient defibering, deflocculation, and deflaking in one, cost saving unit.

FiberNET™ Pressure Screen

Conventional fine screening systems lose 2 to 2.5 percent of production to the reject system. The FiberNET pressure screen is designed to reduce the loss of valuable long fibers by using an enclosed drum-style rotor that eliminates stringing issues associated with high debris levels. The screen cylinder incorporates two sections which can be optimized separately for open area, slot size, and profile angle. To capture fiber that is typically lost in single zone systems, the FiberNET uses double screening zones along with Kadant ID-3™ technology for maximum recovery. 

FiberNET™ Pressure Screen
FiberNET™ Pressure Screen

Features & Benefits

  • Low capital cost

  • Reduced landfill expenditure

  • Small, flexible footprint for easy installation

  • Maximum system fiber yield provided by two screening stages with dilution

  • Improved system efficiency running smaller slots with lower passing velocities

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel for all wetted parts

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