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BoosTEK™ Performance Pack

Boost the performance of your screen system.

BoosTEK™ Performance Pack
BoosTEK performance technology lowers energy consumption and provides significant fiber yield improvements. Installed on the reject line of the screen, both qualitative and quantitative gains can be seen. The BoosTEK’s adaptive and intelligent technology reacts to the needs of the screen, optimizing the running conditions of the stock flow while maximizing both performance and output. Fitting neatly into existing screening configurations, the BoosTEK can be installed quickly and easily, creating a fast return on investment.
BoosTEK™ Performance Pack
BoosTEK™ Performance Pack

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced fiber loss, high cleaning efficiency, and increased capacity save energy

  • Optimized for maximized performance and flow

  • Uses less energy by reducing hydraulic load

  • Quickly and easily installed with fast results for a quick return on investment

  • Durable simplicity for reduced maintenance as well as proving feedback to fine tune device to the demand of different stocks

  • Durable construction eloquently controls screen flow

  • Safe access for inspection

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