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Heli-Drum Pulping System

Pulping perfected for superior ink detachment and dispersion. Featuring our proprietary Heli-Soft rotor for power savings and increased efficiency.
Heli-Drum Pulping System
This pulping system offers increased efficiency in high consistency applications as well as superior ink dispersion and low contaminant attrition for very efficient pulp processing. The Heli-Disc Pulper is specially designed to operate at consistencies up to 18%, creating intense fiber-to-fiber friction for faster and more complete defibering. The Heli-Soft Pulper Rotor features disc-like spiraling flights along the rotor body. This reduces power consumption by approximately 30% translating into immediate cost savings. The Conic Drum Screen is designed for the collection, transport, and washing of reject waste from the high-density Heli-Disc pulpers. Internal showers and a rotary movement optimize water use and reduce fiber loss.
Heli-Drum Pulping System
Heli-Drum Pulping System

Features & Benefits

  • Improved pulping with less power for excellent contaminant removal

  • Superior ink detachment and dispersion

  • Simplified design means minimum maintenance, parts, and labor

  • String-free contaminants at dump chest agitator

  • Low horsepower demand enables a lower cost operation

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