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HydraFlow™ Continuous Lights Detrasher

Durable system producing constant output of low-density, light-weight rejects.
The Hydraflow Continuous Lights Detrasher provides ample circulation to defiber entrained paper flakes and uses a Maximizer bedplate similar to the pulper to control accept quality. The accepted pulp passes through the bedplate and moves forward in the system, increasing production output and pulp residence time if desired.

Detrashing the trash

The Continuous Lights Detrasher is only one component of our complete detrashing system. Additionally included is the Hydraflow Trash Pump, which feeds the detrasher; and the Cantilevered Drum Screen, which ultimately discharges the rejected trash.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to handle high trash loads with minimal contaminant breakdown

  • Yields more high-quality pulp by removing reject debris

  • Removes large volume of contaminants including light-weight plastics

  • Increases pulper throughout while minimizing fiber loss with rejects

  • Removes large contaminants to protect downstream equipment and recover fiber

  • Intermittent flushing of low-density rejects not required, increases accept consistency

  • Continuous Flow System reduces wear of valve operated systems, thereby reducing maintenance cost

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