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Cantilevered Drum Screen

Non-vibrating, low attrition tailing screen removes debris from the pulper loop.

Cantilevered Drum Screen
Employing a non-vibrating process that’s easy on rejects, this rugged unit efficiently removes coarse debris and maximized water recover from your reject loop. The drum screen features a simple cantilevered design that optimized rejects residence time – increasing fiber gain and water recovery – in either batch or continuous operation. The low maintenance internal screw and paddle system conveys contaminants with minimal breakdown for maximum efficiency.
Cantilevered Drum Screen
Cantilevered Drum Screen

Built for the long run

Driven by a forged 4340 steel shaft, this industry standard is built tough with minimal moving parts and a simple eloquent design. Manufactured to the highest standards in three sizes, these dependable detrashing drums can be fitted with a variety of screen perforation options to suit any number of production rates and stock qualities.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable service components with extended life operating cycles

  • Removes coarse debris while recovering valuable fiber and precious water

  • Simplified design means minimum maintenance, parts, and labor

  • Stable peak output of both dewatered coarse rejects and accepted filtrate

  • Low horsepower demands equal low cost operations

  • Perfectly suited for use with Float Purger and Hydraflow Continuous Detrashing system

  • Excellent for both batch and continuous operation systems

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