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Automated Grapple Hoist

Labor-saving, automated operation for heavy contaminant removal at the pulper. The perfect mate for clearing your trashwell with ease, consistency, and long term reliability.

Automated Grapple Hoist
Our fully-automated, hydraulically-operated grapple hoist effectively removes heavy contaminants from the pulper Trashwell. Designed and constructed with superior performance and long service life in mind. Overall, this unit is designed for safe, low-maintenance reject handling.
Automated Grapple Hoist
Automated Grapple Hoist

The articulate and intelligent right hand of any pulper

Digitally controlled integration within your detrashing operation cycle allows for automatic clearing of the Trashwell when required. It provides precise positioning and control at every stage and offers worry-free, automatic operation for more efficient contaminant removal.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable service components with extended life operating cycles

  • Programmable cycling to prevent heavy material build-up

  • Complete PLC automatic control interfacing with DCS for logging and alarming

  • Precise programmed control and slack line sensing ensures proper grapple positioning for efficient operation

  • Top-feeding orientation of tension reel minimizes hose and fitting wear

  • Hoist bearings and gearing are oil lubricated for the life of the unit

  • Automated operation saves labor cost previously dedicated to manual control

  • Designed with safety in mind - visual and auditory alarms during operation

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