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XTREME™ Reverse Cleaner

Removes wax, Styrofoam®, hot melt glues, latex, grease, and other low-density materials.

XTREME Reverse Cleaner
The XTREME Reverse Cleaner uses the latest reverse cleaning technology to remove lightweight debris from all types of pulp and paper stock. Long residence times within a small diameter maximize the separation of small contaminants that are close to the specific gravity of the fiber. Feed consistencies are the same as in conventional lightweight cleaning systems.
XTREME Reverse Cleaner
XTREME Reverse Cleaner

The Heart of an Optimized Cleaning System

A complete XTREME Cleaning System consists of two stages — primary stage XTREME Reverse Cleaners tailed by secondary stage XX-Clone Through-Flow Cleaners. Fed with the lean rejects from the XTREME Cleaners, the XX-Clones maximize removal efficiency with minimal pressure drop and fiber loss. The total power consumption of such a system is competitive with more conventional series through-flow cleaners, yet efficiently removes more wax, lightweight hot melts, and stickies.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces fiber loss and sludge disposal costs

  • Improves existing furnish quality

  • Can use lower grades of furnish without quality compromise

  • Meets cleanliness standards for removal of various low-density materials

  • Highest accepts consistency of any reverse cleaner available

  • High system yield with highest possible efficiency

  • Higher cleaning efficiency

  • Expands capacity of existing thickeners

  • Process and design flexibility enables system optimization

  • Pressurized rejects and isolation valves positioned for easy maintenance during operation

  • Individual cleaner banks slide out for quick access

  • Clear accept mini-header allows for performance observation

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