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XCEL™ NT Forward Cleaner

Removes granular debris, grit, glass, sand, pins, staples, gravel, metal, dirt, abrasives, and other small, heavy objects while saving you power.

XCEL™ NT Forward Cleaner
The XCEL™ NT Forward Cleaner is a fine forward cleaning system designed to tackle tough, heavy contaminants such as grit, metal, and sand. The dual-feed design of individual cleaners maintains even pressure and flow throughout, and the clear-view stock savers allow for viewing of the cleaned product. Cleaners install with ease thanks to quick rack mounting and simple yet effective clamp connections.
XCEL™ NT Forward Cleaner

XCEL™ NT Recovery

The XCEL™ NT Recovery tailing stage is designed to separate those last concentrations of sand and heavy debris to capture fiber previously lost without this solution. Its unique reverse orientation allows for quick and easy service access while removing contaminants, eliminating the need to drain the entire cone.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 38% power savings

  • Unique, efficient design uses dilution water

  • Optimized parts and materials provide best performance value

  • Recovery tailing stage maximizes fiber savings

  • Improves quality of existing furnish

  • Greater efficiency, higher consistency, and more capacity than competitive units

  • Modular rack mount system offers flexible fit and custom configurations

  • ALR option vents air and light rejects

  • Wear resistant ceramic parts handle tough contaminants

  • Plug resistant, continuous operation with minimum operator attention

  • Easy access valves and connections

  • Individual cleaner isolation simplifies maintenance

  • Clear-view inspection reject tip

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