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XCEL™ 150 Fine Forward Cleaner

High-efficiency sand and grit removal system.

XCEL™ 150 Cleaner
The XCEL™ 150 Cleaner separates valuable fiber from debris. Paper slurry consisting of water, fiber, and debris enters the top of the cleaner. The slurry accelerates and spirals downward along the inner wall, causing the entire contents of the cleaner to spin. Centrifugal force causes water and heavy debris such as grit, glass, sand, pins, staples, gravel, dirt, metal, abrasives, and other small heavy objects to move to the outer wall and spiral to the bottom of the unit.
XCEL™ 150 Cleaner
XCEL™ 150 Cleaner

Additional Process Options

Several process options are available for the XCEL 150. The ceramic Stock Savrs increase system yield and provide premium pulp stock with a final reject dilution wash. Isolation Valves allow for individual cleaners to be bypassed for removal or replacement during operation. Air and Light Reject (ALR) systems offer continuous light removal to remove both light and heavy contaminants. Intermittent Reject Dump (IRD) systems are used to control the reject rate in the final stage, maximizing yield by intermittently purging contaminants without interrupting the system.

Features & Benefits

  • Rejects more fine debris in individual isolation with minimal fiber loss

  • Injection head moldings have glass filled nylon, corrosion and wear resistant parts

  • Easy-access banks configured to meet fine cleaning demands

  • Clear reject sight glass allows viewing of debris removal

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