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Liquid Cyclone™ Cleaner

Removes sand, grit, glass, staples, and other high-density materials.
Liquid Cyclone™ Cleaner
The Liquid Cyclone™ Cleaner is a rugged, efficient, easy-to-operate-and-maintain solution for removing destructive debris from the fiber stream. Stock enters the Liquid Cyclone Cleaner through the EX Inlet Head, where centrifugal action spirals material downward along the inside wall. Undesirable heavy particles such as grit, glass, and metal are forced to the outside and carried down through the bottom of the cone. The cleaned fibers spiral up the center and exit out the Vortex Finder at the top of the cleaner.
Liquid Cyclone Cleaner
Liquid Cyclone™ Cleaner

Flexible Configuration

Rejects can be dispensed in a constant stream, or intermittently through an STR reject chamber. Incorporating both in a two-stage cleaner arrangement is particularly effective in high contamination applications, with continuous rejects being sent to an intermittent reject cleaner to recover additional usable fiber.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged and dependable STR Valve design

  • Clear and continuous operation requires minimum operator attention

  • Stock loss minimized by reject chamber and intermittent dumping

  • Vertical sectional arrangement allows convenient placement and servicing

  • Structural steel supplied with each unit

  • Discharges rejects to container or SansGrit™ separator above or below floor

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