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HDC™ High-Density Cyclone

Efficient separation of heavy-weight impurities in pulp, stock preparation, and approach flow systems and applications.

HDC™ High-Density Cyclone
The HDC High-Density Cyclone is designed for efficient separation of abrasive, heavy-weight impurities such as sand, grit, glass, and metal. It ensures a cleaner furnish and can be installed as a complement to other pulp cleaning or screening equipment and to protect rotating equipment from wear. The HDC High-Density Cyclone is suitable for all types of pulp. The HDC High-Density Cyclone is typically located in the tail-end of a fine screening system, or in a cleaning system, where heavy-weight particles must be removed efficiently to improve quality and minimize wear on screen baskets and rotors.
HDC™ High-Density Cyclone

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and robust design

  • Minimal fiber losses

  • Easily replaceable, wear resistant inner cone

  • Protects key process equipment

  • Fully automated intermittent reject discharge sequence

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