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X-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner

Removes waxes, polystyrene foam, polyethylene, hot melt adhesives, and other light, floatable material from a variety of furnishes.

X-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner
The X-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner removes typical low specific gravity contaminants such as waxes, polystyrene foam, polyethylene, hot melt adhesives, and other light material from a variety of furnishes. As per the through-flow operating principle, light rejects and accepts discharge coaxially from the end opposite the feed. Additionally, since the air core is solely engaged with the reject stream, excessive entrained air is also removed.
X-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner
X-Clone™ Through-Flow Cleaner

Retractable Vortex Finder

Since occasional strings or gross contaminants could cause an obstruction between the apex diameter and the vortex finder, the X-Clone is equipped with a Retractable Vortex Finder, allowing oversized debris to be flushed out easily. During normal operation, the vortex finder is held firmly in place with a bayonet lock mechanism.

Features & Benefits

  • Ceramic wear ring at cleaner apex assures long wear life and consistent reject rate

  • Retractable vortex finder allows oversized debris to be easily flushed out

  • Compact, modular design provides easy access to cleaners

  • All wetted and structural parts are constructed from 316L stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic

  • “No tools required” maintenance saves operators time and money

  • Rejects can be pressurized if require

  • Shipped completely assembled, ready to install and operate

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