Radiclone™ Hydrocycloning Systems

High-efficiency heavyweight contaminant removal and fractionation or lightweight contaminant removal and thickening.

Radiclone™ Hydrocycloning Systems
Radiclone™ Hydrocycloning Systems are used in all applications with a high demand for pulp and paper cleanliness. The low operating and maintenance costs, in conjunction with the high-performance cleaning capability, offer efficient fiber processing for all types of pulp. The Radiclone AM80 provides high-efficiency removal of heavy-weight contaminants and fractionation. The Radiclone BM80 provides high‐efficiency removal of lightweight contaminants and thickening of the accept pulp.

Efficient Hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are manufactured in different elastic plastic materials to resist heat, chemicals, and wear depending on application. Each hydrocyclone type is optimized for pressure drop and flow to obtain the best system efficiency.
Radiclone™ Hydrocycloning Systems

Features & Benefits

  • Improved pulp quality with excellent cleanliness

  • Optimized design ensures low energy consumption at high operational reliability

  • Minimized total cost and space requirement

  • Plug resistant design offers smooth performance and continuous operation

  • Efficient contaminant removal

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